May 7-11, 2012 – Colored Pencil Magic at SAC

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Sunshine Glow by Richard Drayton

Sunshine Glow by Richard Drayton, Prismacolor Art Pencil

May 7-11, 2012 – Colored Pencil Magic at SAC

Class meets 10 – 5 on the first day, 9 – 4 on subsequent days with a one hour lunch.

Learn the secrets of creating high performance art with Prismacolor Art pencils. The humble colored pencil has come of age as a recognized fine art medium.

Richard Drayton, an award winning artist who has taught for over 15 years, will guide students through step-by-step techniques that will result in a rich “painting” using subject matter of their own choice with this remarkably versatile medium.

Students will begin by exploring the process of designing a compelling and powerful visual image using classical rules of drawing and composition combined with contemporary digital imaging. Artists of all levels will enjoy a week of discovery and fun.


“Richard took individual time with each student which is something I don’t see often in the workshops I take. Wonderful!!!”

“Richard Drayton was probably one of the best instructors I have run across. He was extremely informative and helpful, not condescending or “full of himself”, spent a lot of time with each individual student, had us working on different things and was a lot of fun! I got a lot out of the workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d recommend his workshops to anyone.”

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