Love from a Recent Workshop with Richard Drayton

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My January colored pencil workshop brought together a wonderfully
enthusiastic and dedicated group of artists.

For the first-time students that joined us, the focus was on learning my technique
of blending colors to achieve a high level of richness and saturation and a truly
painterly effect with Prismacolor fine art pencils.

I provided several different image and color blending exercises designed to
expedite the learning process, and my returning students continued to hone
their skills on one of these or a project of their own.

As usual, I had the most fun……working with each student individually and as a
group….answering questions and getting to know everybody while sharing
some of the secrets of creating a high performance visual experience.

My thanks to everybody for all of these kind remarks and allowing me to have
so much fun!

Richard Drayton

“Thank you for your great teaching style that made me feel more secure about it all. I learned more than I ever learned in many other classes”.
– Karen R.

“Amazing class. I so enjoyed it”.
– Sandy B.

“I would like to thank you for a great art class. I loved it all and can’t believe how much I learned in two days”
– Susan M.

“Class was a blast! I felt so inspired. Thank you for being such a fantastic artist and teacher”.
– Carol O.

“Thank you so much for a fabulous class. Your teaching style is wonderful and I especially appreciate your patience with all your students, even when they ask as many questions as I do. So often people who have extraordinary talent in a given area do not make good teachers. You certainly do not hold to that model. The five of us from Phoenix agreed on the way home that  we had garnered more jewels from you in two days than we had in any other class or seminar we have ever taken. I look forward to coming to Sedona for another class”.
– Janice P.

“The class last weekend was excellent. Thank you very much”.
– Sharon C .


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